Hypnotic efficacy of temazepam: a long-term sleep laboratory evaluation. British journal of clinical pharmacology Mitler, M. M., Carskadon, M. A., Phillips, R. L., STERLING, W. R., Zarcone, V. P., Spiegel, R., Guilleminault, C., Dement, W. C. 1979; 8 (1): 63S-68S


1 Temazepam was evaluated in a strictly defined insomniac patient population under sleep laboratory conditions. Two protocols were used: a short-term (26-night) and a long-term (54-night) protocol evaluated the efficacy of the drug administered at night at 15 mg (short-term study) and 30 mg (long-term study), respectively. 2 Temazepam seemed to be both safe and effective at doses of 15 and 30 mg with up to 5 weeks of ingestion. 3 Suppression of slow wave sleep was observed at the high dose, but no suppression of REM sleep, found in studies with other benzodiazepines, was noted. 4 No evidence was found for development of tolerance or rebound effects.

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