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NUCLEAR MAGNETIC-RESONANCE IMAGING OF THE ABNORMAL LIVE RAT AND CORRELATIONS WITH TISSUE CHARACTERISTICS RADIOLOGY Herfkens, R., Davis, P., Crooks, L., Kaufman, L., Price, D., Miller, T., Margulis, A. R., Watts, J., HOENNINGER, J., Arakawa, M., McRee, R. 1981; 141 (1): 211-218


Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) images of live rats with sterile and pyogenic abscesses, hematomas, and various implanted and spontaneous neoplasms demonstrated good contrast differentiation between pathologic and surrounding normal tissues. This differentiation was maximal when both the T1 and T2 tissue relaxation times were used as criteria. Neoplasms have a broad range of T1 and T2 values and may be confused with abscesses or hematomas. Tissue rate constants (1/T1 and 1/T2) are mainly dependent on total water content, the exception being fat, which has a 1/T2 value much shorter than that expected on the basis of water content alone.

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