KNOWLEDGE-BASED TEMPORAL ABSTRACTION FOR DIABETIC MONITORING 18th Annual Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care - Transforming Information, Changing Health Care Shahar, Y., Das, A. K., Tu, S. W., Kraemer, F. B., Musen, M. A. BMJ PUBLISHING GROUP. 1994: 697–701


We have developed a general method that solves the task of creating abstract, interval-based concepts from time-stamped clinical data. We refer to this method as knowledge-based temporal-abstraction (KBTA). In this paper, we focus on the knowledge representation, acquisition, maintenance, reuse and sharing aspects of the KBTA method. We describe five problem-solving mechanisms that solve the five subtasks into which the KBTA method decomposes its task, and four types of knowledge necessary for instantiating these mechanisms in a particular domain. We present an example of instantiating the KBTA method in the clinical area of monitoring insulin-dependent-diabetes patients.

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