Evidence for multiple tumor suppressor genes on chromosome arm 8p in supraglottic laryngeal cancer GENES CHROMOSOMES & CANCER Sunwoo, J. B., Holt, M. S., Radford, D. M., Deeker, C., Scholnick, S. B. 1996; 16 (3): 164-169


Loss of heterozygosity studies of a variety of human tumors suggest that there are several tumor suppressor genes on chromosome arm 8p. To localize these genes more precisely, we utilized polymerase chain reaction amplification of microsatellite repeat polymorphisms and examined the allelic loss patterns of 17 marker loci on 8p in a population of 59 supraglottic laryngeal squamous cell carcinomas. Twenty-three of these tumors (39%) had an allelic loss at one or more of the markers examined. The allelic loss patterns of these tumors support the presence of at least three different tumor suppressor genes on 8p: one in 8p23, one in 8p22-23, and another in 8p21.

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