Management of Selected Adnexal Masses in Postmenopausal Women by Operative Laparoscopy-A Multicentered Study journal of the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists Parker, Levine, Howard, SANSONE, Berek 1994; 1 (4): S27-?


With careful preoperative assessment we have selected postmenopausal women who were believed to have benign adnexal masses and who were candidates for removal of these masses via operative laparoscopy. Criteria for inclusion were: postmenopausal status; cystic adnexal mass less than 10 cm. with distinct borders and without irregular solid parts or thick septa; CA 125<35 U/ml; and no contraindications for surgery. Sixty-one women were entered into the study. All of the masses were benign, including 27 serous cysts, 15 serous cystadenomas, 1 mucinous cystadenoma, 5 serous cystadenofibromas, 6 paratubal cysts, 3 retroperitoneal cysts, and 4 chronic hydrosalpinges. Fifty-eight patients had successful pelviscopic removal of their adnexal mass. Three patients (5%) required laparotomy. For patients managed by operative laparoscopy, mean operating time was 63 minutes, mean postoperative stay was 12 hours, and mean time to return to normal activity was 5.6 days. We conclude that the combination of CA 125 values and pelvic ultrasound can successfully predict benign masses in postmenopausal women, and removal of these masses by operative laparoscopy is acceptable in carefully selected women.

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