Intracavernous anterior cerebral artery origin with associated arteriovenous malformations: A developmental analysis: Case report NEUROSURGERY Singer, R. J., Abe, T., Taylor, W. H., Marks, M. P., Norbash, A. M. 1997; 40 (4): 829-831


This case demonstrates an unusual association between arteriovenous malformations and an intracavernous anterior cerebral artery origin. To the best of our knowledge, this relationship has not been previously described. Identification and understanding of this relationship are important in pre-embolization and surgical planning and in offering some insight into neurovascular development.The patient presented with severe recurring headaches and an otherwise nonfocal neurological examination. He maintained a stable neurological course throughout evaluation and therapy.The patient underwent endovascular embolization of the arteriovenous malformations without consequence. He was then scheduled for radiosurgical treatment planning.This case demonstrates an unusual neurovascular anomaly with associated arteriovenous malformations. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first reported case of such an association. An understanding of anomalous angioarchitecture and neurovascular development is essential for prudent endov ascular and surgical planning.

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