Collagen gene expression in the neomatrix of carcinoma of the breast INVASION & METASTASIS Wapnir, I. L., Southard, H., Chen, G. H., Friedman, J., BOYD, C. D., Amenta, P. S. 1996; 16 (6): 308-316


Excessive deposition of extracellular matrix or neomatrix is a characteristic of desmoplastic invasive breast carcinomas. Type I and III collagens are abundant neomatrix components. Archival breast tissue sections were studied using 35S-labeled cDNA probes for alpha 1(I) and alpha 1(III) procollagen and in situ hybridization. Among the 33 invasive breast cancers, hybridization was seen forming a gradient-like pattern in fibroblasts closest to tumor cells. In the 10 ductal carcinomas in situ studied, a ring-like pattern of hybridization was seen in proximity to the basement membrane zone. Adjacent normal and benign tissues did not demonstrate the patterns of hybridization described in malignant tissues. Gene expression for neomatrix interstitial collagens occurs before there is evidence of invasion in carcinoma of the breast.

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