Microarray analysis in prostate cancer research. Current opinion in urology Brooks, J. D. 2002; 12 (5): 395-399


Microarray technologies are now being used to analyse prostate tumors and to gain insights into prostate cancer biology. This review provides a background on microarray technology, reviews recent applications of these techniques in prostate cancer research, and discusses the potential application of this technology to patient care.An analysis of genome-wide changes in expression has identified several hundred genes differentially expressed by normal and malignant prostate tissues. Some, such as hepsin, not only show increased expression in cancer, but can also provide prognostic information on prostate tumors based on their level of expression. Microarrays have also been used to characterize gene expression changes associated with androgen stimulation, the activation of EGR1 pathways, and prostate epithelial cellular senescence.Microarray analysis of gene expression in prostate cancer is in its infancy. Future work will probably yield new diagnostic and prognostic markers, provide insight into prostate cancer biology, and aid in identifying new therapeutic strategies.

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