Localization of a putative tumor suppressor gene in the sub-telomeric region of chromosome 8p ONCOGENE Sunwoo, J. B., Sun, P. C., Gupta, V. K., Schmidt, A. P., El-Mofty, S., Scholnick, S. B. 1999; 18 (16): 2651-2655


Several regions of chromosome arm 8p are frequently deleted in a variety of human malignancies including those of the prostate, head and neck, lung, and colon, suggesting that there is more than one tumor suppressor gene on this chromosome arm. Both laryngeal and oral squamous cell carcinomas exhibit three distinct and nonoverlapping regions of deletion on 8p. We have further refined the localization of the putative suppressor in 8p23 by using eight microsatellite loci to create a high resolution deletion map of 150 squamous cell carcinomas of the larynx and oral cavity. These new data demonstrate that there are two distinct classes of deletion within this relatively small region of the chromosome and suggest two possible locations for the gene within the D8S264 to D8S1788 interval. We also determined that there is little difference between the allelic loss frequencies of microsatellites mapping near the telomeric ends of other chromosome arms and loci mapping to more centromere proximal regions of the same arm. These data suggest that the high allelic loss frequencies seen at 8p23 loci are not the result of a generalized instability of chromosome ends and are instead consistent with the activation of a specific suppressor gene.

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