Targeting the adventitia with intracoronary beta-radiation: Comparison of two dose prescriptions and the role of centering in coronary arteries INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RADIATION ONCOLOGY BIOLOGY PHYSICS Kaluza, G. L., Jenkins, T. P., Mourtada, F. A., Ali, N. M., Lee, D. P., Okura, H., Fitzgerald, P. J., Raizner, A. E. 2002; 52 (1): 184-191


To compare by intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) the efficacy of delivering the prescribed dose to the adventitia between two commonly used dose prescriptions for intracoronary radiotherapy.In 59 human postangioplasty coronary vessels, one IVUS cross-section (1 mm thick) with the highest plaque burden was used for creating dose-volume histograms with different hypothetical positions of the source.On average, prescription to 1 mm beyond lumen surface resulted in delivery of the prescribed dose (20 Gy +/- 20%) to a higher fraction of adventitial volume than with the prescription to 2 mm from the source, with source placed in vessel center, lumen center, or in the IVUS catheter position. Source placement in the lumen center resulted in a low dose heterogeneity to the adventitia and the least dose heterogeneity to the intima.Prescription to 1 mm beyond lumen surface appeared more effective in delivering the prescribed dose to the adventitia than the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) recommended prescription to 2 mm from the source center. Moreover, centering the source in the lumen provides the better balance of effective adventitial targeting and intimal dose homogeneity. Modification of the current AAPM recommendation for dose prescription for intracoronary radiotherapy should be considered.

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