Selecting and starting an orthopaedic surgery practice. Instructional course lectures Mishra, A., Urquhart, A. G., Anders, G. T. 2008; 57: 729-736


Every new surgeon is faced with the same question as their residency or fellowship draws to a close: What is next? Few residents or fellows are as well prepared to answer that question as they could be. Most programs do not teach residents how to choose a practice type and location. After formal orthopaedic training, new surgeons must make decisions about their careers that can be nearly as complex and difficult as the decisions they make in the operating room. Career choices have both significant and long-term effects on the physician's financial situation, career satisfaction, and personal life. The physician should be aware of key non academic issues that arise when completing a residency program or just beginning the practice of orthopaedic surgery.

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