Diagnosis of arterial prosthetic graft infection by indium-111 oxine white blood cell scans. Circulation Mckeown, P. P., Miller, D. C., Jamieson, S. W., Mitchell, R. S., Reitz, B. A., Olcott, C., MEHIGAN, J. T., SILBERSTEIN, R. J., McDougall, I. R. 1982; 66 (2): I130-4


Early and accurate diagnosis of infected prosthetic arterial grafts is difficult, despite the application of diverse diagnostic modalities. Delay in making the diagnosis is largely responsible for the high amputation and mortality rates associated with this complication. In nine patients with suspected graft infections, indium-111 white blood cell scanning was useful and accurate. Graft infection was proved in five cases and ruled out in three. One false-positive scan was due to a sigmoid diverticular abscess overlying the graft. Indium-111 white blood cell scans may improve the accuracy of diagnosing infected prosthetic grafts, which may result in better limb and patient salvage rates.

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