Intracellular energy failure does not underlie hyperthermic spreading depressions in immature rat hippocampal slice BRAIN RESEARCH Wu, H., Takeo, T., Wakui, M., Ellsworth, K., Fisher, R. S. 2003; 987 (2): 240-243


Hyperthermic spreading depression (HSD) in immature rat hippocampal slices is mediated by Na+/K(+)-ATPase failure. Here, we test whether depleting intracellular ATP serves as a possible mechanism for HSD genesis. Results indicate that (1) pre-incubation with 3 mM creatine for 3 h failed to prevent hyperthermic spreading depression occurrence; and (2) intracellular ATP concentration doubled during experimental hyperthermia. This study suggests that HSD is not be mediated by depletion of intracellular ATP during hyperthermia.

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