Non-Hodgkin's lymphomas, version 1.2013. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Zelenetz, A. D., Wierda, W. G., Abramson, J. S., Advani, R. H., Andreadis, C. B., Bartlett, N., Bellam, N., Byrd, J. C., Czuczman, M. S., Fayad, L. E., Glenn, M. J., Gockerman, J. P., Gordon, L. I., Harris, N. L., Hoppe, R. T., Horwitz, S. M., Kelsey, C. R., Kim, Y. H., Krivacic, S., LaCasce, A. S., Nademanee, A., Porcu, P., Press, O., Pro, B., Reddy, N., Sokol, L., Swinnen, L., Tsien, C., Vose, J. M., Yahalom, J., Zafar, N., Dwyer, M. A., Naganuma, M. 2013; 11 (3): 257-272


These NCCN Guidelines Insights summarize several key updates to the NCCN Guidelines for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas (NHL) and provide a discussion of the clinical evidence that support the updates. The updates discussed in this article feature recommendations for additional treatment options in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and guidance surrounding the management of hepatitis virus reactivation/infections in high-risk patients with NHL undergoing antitumor therapy.

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