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Helical MR: Continuously moving table axial imaging with radial acquisitions MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE Shankaranarayanan, A., Herfkens, R., Hargreaves, B. M., Polzin, J. A., Santos, J. M., Brittain, J. H. 2003; 50 (5): 1053-1060


A technique for extended field of view MRI is presented. Similar to helical computed tomography, the method utilizes a continuously moving patient table, a 2D axial slice that remains fixed relative to the MRI magnet, and a radial k-space trajectory. A fully refocused SSFP acquisition enables spatial resolution comparable to current clinical protocols in scan times that are sufficiently short to allow a reasonable breathhold duration. RF transmission and signal reception are performed using the RF body coil and the images are reconstructed in real time. Experimental results are presented that illustrate the technique's ability to resolve small structures in the table-motion direction. Simulation experiments to study the steady-state response of the fully refocused SSFP acquisition during continuous table motion are also presented. Finally, whole body images of healthy volunteers demonstrate the high image quality achieved using the helical MRI approach.

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