Multicenter Case Series of Indolent Small/Medium-Sized CD8+ Lymphoid Proliferations With Predilection for the Ear and Face. American Journal of dermatopathology Li, J. Y., Guitart, J., Pulitzer, M. P., Subtil, A., Sundram, U., Kim, Y., Deonizio, J., Myskowski, P. L., Moskowitz, A., Horwitz, S., Querfeld, C. 2014; 36 (5): 402-408


We report 7 cases of a CD8 lymphoid proliferation of the ear and face with a cytotoxic T-cell phenotype, but an indolent clinical course. All patients presented with stable or slowly growing asymptomatic lesions on the ear, nose, or lower eyelid. Histopathology showed a dense diffuse dermal infiltrate of small- to medium-sized atypical lymphocytes without destructive features. The lymphocytes were positive for CD3, CD8, ß-F1, and TIA-1 and negative for CD4, CD30, CD56, granzyme B, and PD-1. Of note, the proliferation index was low in available cases. All patients remained in complete remission at median follow-up of 14 months regardless of treatment modality. Staging was negative for extracutaneous disease in all patients. The clinically indolent behavior and histopathologic phenotype together with a low proliferation index (10%-15%) emphasize the importance of accurate diagnosis and appropriate clinical management to avoid overtreatment and complications of therapy.

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