Safety of Outpatient Airway Dilation for Adult Laryngotracheal Stenosis ANNALS OF OTOLOGY RHINOLOGY AND LARYNGOLOGY Hsu, Y., Damrose, E. J. 2015; 124 (6): 452-457


To evaluate the safety of outpatient airway dilation for adult patients with subglottic or tracheal stenosis.The records of patients treated with airway dilation between October 2003 and September 2013 were reviewed. Outcomes of patients who underwent dilation as inpatients versus outpatients were compared. Emergency room visits, readmissions, and 3 or more primary care physician visits within 30 days postoperatively were specifically evaluated. Postoperative hemorrhage, airway edema, recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis, reintubation, tracheostomy, tracheal rupture, pneumomediastinum, pneumothorax, acute respiratory distress, or death were also reviewed.One hundred fourteen dilations performed in 53 patients with airway stenosis were included. Outpatient dilation was performed in 93 (82%); 21 (18%) underwent the procedure in the inpatient setting. Complications were low among both inpatient and outpatient groups (10% vs 1%, P = .09). No complications occurred during the overnight stay of the inpatient group.Outpatient airway dilation is a safe and feasible procedure. It can be routinely performed on an ambulatory basis.

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