T-2 Relaxation time quantitation differs between pulse sequences in articular cartilage JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING Matzat, S. J., McWalter, E. J., Kogan, F., Chen, W., Gold, G. E. 2015; 42 (1): 105-113


To compare T2 relaxation time measurements between MR pulse sequences at 3 Tesla in agar phantoms and in vivo patellar, femoral, and tibial articular cartilage.T2 relaxation times were quantified in phantoms and knee articular cartilage of eight healthy individuals using a single echo spin echo (SE) as a reference standard and five other pulse sequences: multi-echo SE (MESE), fast SE (2D-FSE), magnetization-prepared spoiled gradient echo (3D-MAPSS), three-dimensional (3D) 3D-FSE with variable refocusing flip angle schedules (3D vfl-FSE), and quantitative double echo steady state (qDESS). Cartilage was manually segmented and average regional T2 relaxation times were obtained for each sequence. A regression analysis was carried out between each sequence and the reference standard, and root-mean-square error (RMSE) was calculated.Phantom measurements from all sequences demonstrated strong fits (R(2) ?>?0.8; P?

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