Case report. Fatal gas gangrene following intra-articular steroid injection. The American journal of the medical sciences Yangco, B. G., Germain, B. F., Deresinski, S. C. 1982; 283 (2): 94-98


Gas gangrene is a rare infectious disease syndrome complicating medico-surgical procedures. We describe a case of gas gangrene secondary to intra-articular steroid injection. Clostridia species and Escherichia coli were the etiologic organisms in this case. The presence of underlying diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hepatic insufficiency, and metabolic acidosis could have contributed to the fatal outcome of this patient. A high index of suspicion, early diagnosis, and appropriate treatment may improve the prognosis in gas gangrene. Although uncommon, infection is a significant complication of intra-articular steroid administration. Thus, meticulous aseptic technique should always be observed in the performance of this procedure.

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