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How I use fibrinogen replacement therapy in acquired bleeding BLOOD Levy, J. H., Goodnough, L. T. 2015; 125 (9): 1387-1393


Fibrinogen is a critical protein for hemostasis and clot formation. However, transfusion guidelines have variable recommendations for maintaining fibrinogen levels in bleeding patients. An increasing number of studies support the practice of fibrinogen replacement therapy for acquired coagulopathies, and additional studies are underway. Fibrinogen therapy can be administered with cryoprecipitate or fibrinogen concentrates, and clinical practice varies according to their availability and licensing status. Fibrinogen concentrate therapy has been studied in animal models and clinical trials and supports the critical role of fibrinogen repletion in bleeding patients. Point-of-care testing will have an important role in guiding fibrinogen replacement for hemostatic therapy in clinical settings such as cardiovascular surgery, postpartum hemorrhage, and trauma. Fibrinogen therapy is an important component of a multimodal strategy for the treatment of coagulopathic bleeding.

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