Arthroscopic dorsal wrist ganglion excision with color-aided visualization of the stalk: minimum 1-year follow-up. Hand (New York, N.Y.) Ahsan, Z. S., Yao, J. 2014; 9 (2): 205-208


Dorsal wrist ganglia (DWG) are a common, benign soft-tissue mass of the wrist. Excision of DWG is a common procedure performed by hand surgeons and may be performed using either open or arthroscopic techniques. This study aims to evaluate the frequency of stalk visualization with intralesional injection of inert dye in the course of arthroscopic excision along with incidence of recurrence with a minimum of 1-year follow-up.Upon IRB approval, a retrospective chart review was performed identifying 27 patients who had consecutively undergone arthroscopic excision of a DWG with the color-aided technique at our institution with a minimum follow-up duration of 12 months. Intraoperative findings were reviewed. Patients were contacted to investigate for incidence of recurrence.Of the 27-patient cohort, the ganglion stalk was identified in 100 % of the color-aided arthroscopic DWG excisions. Ganglion recurrence was identified in one patient, an incidence of 3.7 %.The color-aided technique for arthroscopic DWG visualization was found to be a safe and valuable tool for surgeons performing arthroscopic DWG resection. The intraarticular ganglion stalk was identified in 100 % of cases and patients responded well with a low incidence of recurrence.

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