Extracelluar matrix metalloproteinase as a novel target for pancreatic cancer therapy ANTI-CANCER DRUGS Kim, H., Zhai, G., Liu, Z., Samuel, S., Shah, N., Helman, E. E., Knowles, J. A., Stockard, C. R., Fineberg, N. S., Grizzle, W. E., Zhou, T., Zinn, K. R., Rosenthal, E. L. 2011; 22 (9): 864-874


The objective of this study was to evaluate extracellular matrix metalloproteinase (EMMPRIN) as a novel target in orthotopic pancreatic cancer murine models. MIA PaCa-2 human pancreatic tumor cells were implanted in groups 1 and 3-7, whereas MIA PaCa-2 EMMPRIN knockdown cells were implanted in group 2. Dosing with anti-EMMPRIN antibody started immediately after implantation for groups 1-3 (residual tumor model) and at 21 days after cell implantation for groups 4-7 (established tumor model). Groups 3, 5, and 7 were treated with anti-EMMRPIN antibody (0.2-1.0 mg) twice weekly for 2-3 weeks, whereas the other groups served as the control. In the residual tumor model, tumor growth of anti-EMMPRIN-treated group was successfully arrested for 21 days (15 ± 4 mm(3)), which was significantly lower than that of the EMMPRIN knockdown group (80 ± 15 mm(3); P=0.001) or the control group (240 ± 41 mm(3); P<0.001). In the established tumor model, anti-EMMPRIN therapy lowered tumor volume increase by approximately 40% compared with the control, regardless of the dose amount. Ki67-expressed cell density of group 5 was 939 ± 150 mm(-2), which was significantly lower than that of group 4 (1709 ± 145 mm(-2); P=0.006). Microvessel density of group 5 (30 ± 6 mm(-2)) was also significantly lower than that of group 4 (53 ± 5 mm(-2); P=0.014), whereas the microvessel size of group 5 (191 ± 22 µm(2)) was significantly larger than that of group 4 (113 ± 26 µm(2); P=0.049). These data show the high potential of anti-EMMPRIN therapy for pancreatic cancer and support its clinical translation.

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