DEVELOPMENTAL REGULATION OF LIPOPROTEIN-LIPASE IN RATS AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY TAVANGAR, K., Murata, Y., Patel, S., Kalinyak, J. E., Pedersen, M. E., Goers, J. F., Hoffman, A. R., Kraemer, F. B. 1992; 262 (3): E330-E337


To evaluate changes in lipoprotein lipase (LPL) expression during development, levels of LPL mRNA, protein, and enzyme activity were measured in heart, epididymal fat, kidney, and brain of rats, from late gestation through 24 mo. LPL mRNA, protein, and enzyme activity were low in fetal and neonatal hearts. LPL mRNA increased 11-fold by 60 days and remained at this level thereafter; LPL protein and enzyme activity increased 10-fold by weaning, before declining to low values by 3 mo. LPL mRNA levels, protein, and enzyme activity did not change in epididymal fat from 3 wk to 21 mo. In the kidney, LPL mRNA levels were high at the end of gestation but fluctuated during the first month. LPL protein and activity were low at day 1 and rose eightfold to peak values by day 7 before decreasing to low levels by weaning. LPL mRNA levels were relatively high in fetal brains and then fell 60% during the neonatal period. LPL protein peaked at day 7 before falling 95% by weaning. Thus LPL is under complex tissue-specific regulation involving transcriptional and posttranscriptional mechanisms.

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