Regulation of equilibrative nucleoside uptake by protein kinase inhibitors Joint 11th International and 9th European Symposium on Purines and Pyrimidines in Man Huang, M., Wang, Y. H., Mitchell, B. S., Graves, L. M. TAYLOR & FRANCIS INC. 2004: 1445–50


The uptake of nucleosides and nucleoside analogs into human leukemia K562 cells is facilitated by the equilibrative transporters ENT1 and ENT2. Incubation of K562 cells with a variety of protein kinase inhibitors inhibited the transport of both uridine (ARA-C) and cytidine (CPEC) analogs. These inhibitory effects were observed for a large number of kinase inhibitors including those against p38 MAPK, the EGF receptor kinase, protein kinase C, TOR and others. Thus these results suggest that the nucleoside transporters are unexpected targets for kinase inhibitors and may influence the design and application of combinatorial approaches of nucleoside analogs and kinase inhibitors in clinical applications.

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