Arrhythmokinesis is evident during unimanual not bimanual finger tapping in Parkinson's disease. Journal of clinical movement disorders Trager, M. H., Velisar, A., Koop, M. M., Shreve, L., Quinn, E., Bronte-Stewart, H. 2015; 2: 8-?


Arrhythmokinesis, the variability in repetitive movements, is a fundamental feature of Parkinson's disease (PD). We hypothesized that unimanual repetitive alternating finger tapping (AFT) would reveal more arrhythmokinesis compared to bimanual single finger alternating hand tapping (SFT), in PD.The variability of inter-strike interval (CVISI) and of amplitude (CVAMP) during AFT and SFT were measured on an engineered, MRI-compatible keyboard in sixteen PD subjects off medication and in twenty-four age-matched controls.The CVISI and CVAMP of the more affected (MA) and less affected (LA) sides in PD subjects were greater during AFT than SFT (P?

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