In vivo prostate magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging using two-dimensional J-resolved PRESS at 3 T MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE Kim, D. H., Margolis, D., Xing, L., Daniel, B., Spielman, D. 2005; 53 (5): 1177-1182


In vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging of the prostate using single-voxel and multivoxel two-dimensional (2D) J-resolved sequences is investigated at a main magnetic field strength of 3 T. Citrate, an important metabolite often used to aid the detection of prostate cancer in magnetic resonance spectroscopic exams, can be reliably detected along with the other metabolites using this method. We show simulations and measurements of the citrate metabolite using 2D J-resolved spectroscopy to characterize the spectral pattern. Furthermore, using spiral readout gradients, the single-voxel 2D J-resolved method is extended to provide the spatial distribution information as well all within a reasonable scan time (17 min). Phantom and in vivo data are presented to illustrate the multivoxel 2D J-resolved spiral chemical shift imaging sequence.

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