A retrospectively ECG-gated multislice spiral CT scan and reconstruction technique with suppression of heart pulsation artifacts for cardio-thoracic imaging with extended volume coverage EUROPEAN RADIOLOGY Flohr, T., Prokop, M., Becker, C., Schoepf, U. J., Kopp, A. F., White, R. D., Schaller, S., Ohnesorge, B. 2002; 12 (6): 1497-1503


A method for cardio-thoracic multislice spiral CT imaging with ECG gating for suppression of heart pulsation artifacts is introduced. The proposed technique offers extended volume coverage compared with standard ECG-gated spiral scan and reconstruction approaches for cardiac applications: Thin-slice data of the entire thorax can be acquired within one breath-hold period using a four-slice CT system. The extended volume coverage is enabled by a modified approach for ECG-gated image reconstruction. For a CT system with 0.5-s gantry rotation time, images are reconstructed with 250-ms image temporal resolution. Instead of selecting scan data acquired in exactly the same phase of the cardiac cycle for each image as in standard ECG-gated reconstruction techniques, the patient's ECG signal is used to omit scan data acquired during the systolic phase of highest cardiac motion. With this approach cardiac pulsation artifacts in CT studies of the aorta, of paracardiac lung segments, and of coronary bypass grafts can be effectively reduced.

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