North American Thrombosis Forum, AF Action Initiative Consensus Document AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE Ruff, C. T., Ansell, J. E., Becker, R. C., Benjamin, E. J., Deicicchi, D. J., Estes, N. A., Ezekowitz, M. D., Fanikos, J., Fareed, J., Garcia, D., Giugliano, R. P., Goldhaber, S. Z., Granger, C., Healey, J. S., Hull, R., Hylek, E. M., Libby, P., Lopes, R. D., Mahaffey, K. W., Mega, J., Piazza, G., Sasahara, A. A., Sorond, F. A., Spyropoulos, A. C., Walenga, J. M., Weitz, J. I. 2016; 129 (5): S1-S29


The North American Thrombosis Forum Atrial Fibrillation Action Initiative consensus document is a comprehensive yet practical briefing document focusing on stroke and bleeding risk assessment in patients with atrial fibrillation, as well as recommendations regarding anticoagulation options and management. Despite the breadth of clinical trial data and guideline recommendation updates, many clinicians continue to struggle to synthesize the disparate information available. This problem slows the uptake and utilization of updated risk prediction tools and adoption of new oral anticoagulants. This document serves as a practical and educational reference for the entire medical community involved in the care of patients with atrial fibrillation.

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