A preliminary study examining chaplains' support for veterans at the end of life. International journal of palliative nursing Kopacz, M. S., Feldstein, B. D., Asekoff, C. A., Kaprow, M. S., Smith-Coggins, R., Connery, A. L. 2016; 22 (6): 300-302


This descriptive study examines the involvement of professional chaplains in addressing loss of dignity, inconsequential life or not having a legacy, fear of burdensomeness, and fear of pain in veterans at the end of life. A convenience sample of Jewish chaplains responded to an online survey gauging their involvement in these areas. Results are presented descriptively. Most respondents stated either rarely (=1 x month) or sometimes (=1 x month) encountering veterans with end-of-life issues. Respondents reported varying degrees of involvement in supporting veterans at the end of life with respect to the aforementioned areas. As research into the end-of-life care needs of veterans continues to develop, recognising chaplains as a source of both spiritual and psychosocial support can serve as an opportunity for better meeting the needs of this population.

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