Ovarian Cancer, Version 1.2016 JOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL COMPREHENSIVE CANCER NETWORK Morgan, R. J., Armstrong, D. K., Alvarez, R. D., Bakkum-Gamez, J. N., Behbakht, K., Chen, L., Copeland, L., Crispens, M. A., DeRosa, M., Dorigo, O., Gershenson, D. M., Gray, H. J., Hakam, A., Havrilesky, L. J., Johnston, C., Lele, S., Martin, L., Matulonis, U. A., O'Malley, D. M., Penson, R. T., Percac-Lima, S., Pineda, M., Plaxe, S. C., Powell, M. A., Ratner, E., Remmenga, S. W., Rose, P. G., Sabbatini, P., Santoso, J. T., Werner, T. L., Burns, J., Hughes, M. 2016; 14 (9): 1134-1163


This selection from the NCCN Guidelines for Ovarian Cancer focuses on the less common ovarian histopathologies (LCOHs), because new algorithms were added for LCOHs and current algorithms were revised for the 2016 update. The new LCOHs algorithms include clear cell carcinomas, mucinous carcinomas, and grade 1 (low-grade) serous carcinomas/endometrioid epithelial carcinomas. The LCOHs also include carcinosarcomas (malignant mixed Müllerian tumors of the ovary), borderline epithelial tumors (also known as low malignant potential tumors), malignant sex cord-stromal tumors, and malignant germ cell tumors.

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