Body diffusion weighted imaging using non-CPMG fast spin echo. IEEE transactions on medical imaging Gibbons, E., Le Roux, P., Vasanawala, S., Pauly, J., Kerr, A. 2016: -?


SS-FSE is a fast technique that does not suffer from off-resonance distortions to the degree that EPI does. Unlike EPI, SS-FSE is ill-suited to diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) due to the Carr-Purcell-Meiboom-Geill (CPMG) condition. Non- CPMG phase cycling does accommodate SS-FSE and DWI but places constraints on reconstruction, which are resolved here through parallel imaging. Additionally, improved echo stability can be achieved by using short duration and highly selective DIVERSE radiofrequency pulses. Here, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) comparisons between EPI and nCPMG SS-FSE acquisitions and reconstruction techniques give similar values. Diffusion imaging with nCPMG SS-FSE gives similar SNR to an EPI acquisition, though apparent diffusion coefficient values are higher than seen with EPI. In vivo images have good image quality with little distortion. This method has the ability to capture distortionfree DWI images near areas of significant off-resonance as well as preserve adequate SNR. Parallel imaging and DIVERSE refocusing RF pulses allow shorter ETL compared to previous implementations and thus reduces phase encode direction blur and SAR accumulation.

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