NCCN Guidelines Insights: Bladder Cancer, Version 2.2016. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Clark, P. E., Spiess, P. E., Agarwal, N., Bangs, R., Boorjian, S. A., Buyyounouski, M. K., Efstathiou, J. A., Flaig, T. W., Friedlander, T., Greenberg, R. E., Guru, K. A., Hahn, N., Herr, H. W., Hoimes, C., Inman, B. A., Kader, A. K., Kibel, A. S., Kuzel, T. M., Lele, S. M., Meeks, J. J., Michalski, J., Montgomery, J. S., Pagliaro, L. C., Pal, S. K., Patterson, A., Petrylak, D., Plimack, E. R., Pohar, K. S., Porter, M. P., Sexton, W. J., Siefker-Radtke, A. O., Sonpavde, G., Tward, J., Wile, G., Dwyer, M. A., Smith, C. 2016; 14 (10): 1213-1224


These NCCN Guidelines Insights discuss the major recent updates to the NCCN Guidelines for Bladder Cancer based on the review of the evidence in conjunction with the expert opinion of the panel. Recent updates include (1) refining the recommendation of intravesical bacillus Calmette-Guérin, (2) strengthening the recommendations for perioperative systemic chemotherapy, and (3) incorporating immunotherapy into second-line therapy for locally advanced or metastatic disease. These NCCN Guidelines Insights further discuss factors that affect integration of these recommendations into clinical practice.

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