Paraganglioma of the Filum Terminale: Case Report, Pathology and Review of the Literature. Cure¯us Kalani, M. A., Chang, S. D., Vu, B. 2015; 7 (10)


Spinal paragangliomas are very rare neuroendocrine tumors often presenting with low back pain and radicular symptoms; once resected, they often show benign clinical outcomes. Radiographically spinal paragangliomas mimic more commonly described tumors, such as ependymomas, schwannomas, meningiomas, and even hemangiomas, but a "salt and pepper" appearance related to a serpiginous vascular structure is instructive. Indeed, the rarity of this tumor makes the diagnosis rather challenging radiographically. Graded as a WHO Grade I tumor, they are slow-growing with low proliferation indices. Gross total resection is the mainstay of operative treatment but is often limited by tumor adherence to functional nerves. Here, we present a case of this rare tumor and its management, including a review of the pathology and literature related to this tumor.

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