A Systematic Approach to the Evaluation and Management of the Failed Artificial Urinary Sphincter. Current urology reports Dobberfuhl, A. D., Comiter, C. V. 2017; 18 (3): 18-?


In men with post-prostatectomy incontinence, persistent or recurrent urinary leakage following artificial urinary sphincter placement is a frustrating complaint. Surgical failure can be classified as occurring early in the post-operative period vs. late-following a period of established continence-and should be managed according to the time course and severity of urinary leakage. We present a systematic approach for the evaluation and treatment of the failed artificial urinary sphincter. After considering the patient's individualized treatment goals and impact on quality of life, the clinician can more appropriately advise patients on a management strategy for their recurrent or persistent urinary incontinence following artificial urinary sphincter placement.

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