The Value of Biosamples in Smoking Cessation Trials: A Review of Genetic, Metabolomic, and Epigenetic Findings. Nicotine & tobacco research Saccone, N. L., Baurley, J. W., Bergen, A. W., David, S. P., Elliott, H. R., Foreman, M. G., Kaprio, J., Piasecki, T. M., Relton, C. L., Zawertailo, L., Bierut, L. J., Tyndale, R. F., Chen, L. 2017


Evidence is emerging that certain genotypes and biomarkers are associated with smoking cessation success and efficacy of smoking cessation treatments. We review key findings that open potential avenues for personalizing smoking cessation treatment according to an individual's genetic or metabolic profile. These results provide important incentive for smoking cessation researchers to collect biosamples and perform genotyping in research studies and clinical trials.

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