5th Ovarian Cancer Consensus Conference: Individualized Therapy and Patient Factors. Annals of oncology McGee, J., Bookman, M., Harter, P., Marth, C., McNeish, I., Moore, K. N., Poveda, A., Hilpert, F., Hasegawa, K., Bacon, M., Gatsonis, C., Brand, A., Kridelka, F., Berek, J., OTTEVANGER, N., Levy, T., Silverberg, S., Kim, B., Hirte, H., Okamoto, A., Stuart, G., Ochiai, K. 2017


This manuscript reports the consensus statements regarding the design and conduct of clinical trials in patients with newly diagnosed and recurrent epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC), following deliberation at the Fifth Ovarian Cancer Consensus Conference (OCCC), held in Tokyo in November 2015. Three important questions were identified for discussion prior to the meeting and achieved consensus during the meeting: (i) What are the most important factors to be evaluated prior to initial therapy? (ii) What are the most important factors to be evaluated specifically in recurrent disease? (iii) Are there specific considerations for special patient subpopulations? In addition, we report a list of important unmet needs compiled during the consensus process, which is intended to guide future research initiatives.

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