Sleep surgery tool: A medical checklist to review prior to operating. Journal of cranio-maxillo-facial surgery : official publication of the European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery Camacho, M., Riley, R. W., Capasso, R., O'Connor, P., Chang, E. T., Reckley, L. K., Guilleminault, C. 2017; 45 (3): 381-386


The objective of this study was to systematically review the international literature for studies providing a preoperative checklist for medical disorders to be evaluated or treated before performing sleep surgery. If no checklist exists, then studies providing recommendations would be used to develop a checklist de novo.Systematic review combined with expert opinion.Four databases, including PubMed/Medline were searched through August 10, 2016.453 potentially relevant studies were screened, 32 were downloaded for full review. No study included a preoperative checklist. No study provided guidance for specific medical disorders to evaluate or screen for prior to sleep surgery. Therefore, we reviewed articles in adults that provided recommendations such as: (1) labs to review, (2) non-operative disorders to evaluate and treat, and (3) comorbidities to optimize prior to performing sleep surgery. These articles were utilized in conjunction with expert opinion to develop a preoperative checklist for surgical guidance.There are several items to review prior to performing sleep surgery on obstructive sleep apnea patients. This systematic review and expert opinion-based checklist provides over twenty items for reviewing prior to performing sleep surgery to reduce the chance of operating prematurely.

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