MINI01.02: Response and Plasma Genotyping from Phase I/II Trial of Ensartinib (X-396) in Patients (pts) with ALK+ NSCLC: Topic: Medical Oncology. Journal of thoracic oncology Horn, L., Wakelee, H., Reckamp, K. L., Blumenschein, G., Infante, J. R., Carter, C. A., Waqar, S. N., Neal, J. W., Harrow, K., Gockerman, J. P., Dukart, G., Liang, C., Gibbons, J. L., Hernandez, J., Newman-Eerkes, T., Lim, L., Lovly, C. M. 2016; 11 (11S): S256-S257

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