Effect of Educating the Primary Care Physician About Headache to Help Reduce "Trivial" Referrals and Improve the Number and Quality of "Substantial" Referrals that Truly Need Subspecialty Headache Medicine Care. Current treatment options in neurology Cowan, R., Barad, M. 2017; 19 (7): 25-?


Technology is likely to play an increasingly important role in the delivery of healthcare as the disparity between provider availability/expertise and patient numbers/needs increases. This article is intended to lend insight into the ways in which technology can facilitate the evaluation of patients with headache disorders and improve the ongoing monitoring of disease progression and response to therapy, following proper diagnosis. While it is not possible to prognosticate the impact of technologies not yet available, the article addresses potential novel usage of currently existing technology to standardize intake, expedite evaluations, ensure adequate history and documentation, and monitoring of patient care.

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