Impact of Health Literacy on Time Spent Seeking Hand Care. Hand (New York, N.Y.) Alokozai, A., Bernstein, D. N., Sheikholeslami, N., Uhler, L., Ring, D., Kamal, R. N. 2017: 1558944717708027-?


Patients with limited health literacy may have less knowledge and fewer resources for efficient access and navigation of the health care system. We tested the null hypothesis that there is no correlation between health literacy and total time spent seeking hand surgery care.New patients visiting a hand surgery clinic at a suburban academic medical center were asked to complete a questionnaire to determine demographics, total time spent seeking hand surgery care, and outcomes. A total of 112 patients were included in this study.We found health literacy levels did not correlate with total time seeking hand surgery care or from booking an appointment to being evaluated in clinic.In this suburban academic medical center, patients with low health literacy do not spend more time seeking hand surgery care and do have longer delays between seeking and receiving care. The finding that-at least in this setting-health literacy does not impact patient time seeking hand care suggests that resources to improve health disparities can be focused elsewhere in the care continuum.

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