A Rare Case of Pseudotumor Formation following Total Knee Arthroplasty. Malaysian orthopaedic journal Sivananthan, S., Pirapat, R., Goodman, S. B. 2015; 9 (1): 44-46


A 59 year old man who had undergone left total knee arthroplasty in 2008 presented with a 5 month history of left knee pain and persistent swelling. Workup for infection was negative and the patient was suspected to be suffering from particle disease and chronic synovitis. Imaging revealed an internally rotated tibial component. Intraoperative findings revealed extensive polyethylene wear with resultant metalon- metal articulation, soft tissue metallosis and a pseudotumor like mass at the posterolateral aspect of the popliteal fossa. This was extensively debrided and revision knee arthroplasty was performed. Suboptimal component alignment can lead to localized high loading, wear and metallosis, which in this case resulted in the formation of a pseudotumor.

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