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Intrathecal Migration of an Epidural Catheter While Using a Programmed Intermittent Epidural Bolus Technique for Labor Analgesia Maintenance: A Case Report. A & A case reports Betti, F. n., Carvalho, B. n., Riley, E. T. 2017


We describe a case of intrathecal migration of a wire-reinforced epidural catheter in a parturient who received epidural labor analgesia. Epidural analgesia was initiated with a combined-spinal epidural technique and maintained by programmed intermittent epidural boluses. Epidural catheter aspiration after insertion was negative for cerebrospinal fluid. The patient's response to the first four doses of local anesthetic was consistent with epidural drug delivery. After the fifth dose, she developed a complete lower extremity motor block, hypotension, and high sensory blockade. Catheter aspiration was then positive for cerebrospinal fluid. After symptom resolution, labor pain was successfully managed with this inadvertent intrathecal catheter.

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