Diagnostic Performance of Margin Features in Thyroid Nodules in Prediction of Malignancy. AJR. American journal of roentgenology Siebert, S. M., Gomez, A. J., Liang, T. n., Tahvildari, A. M., Desser, T. S., Jeffrey, R. B., Kamaya, A. n. 2018: 1–6


The purpose of this study was to evaluate thyroid nodule margins for specific morphologic features and determine the diagnostic performance of these features in differentiating papillary carcinoma from benign thyroid nodules.Nodules measuring 1-3 cm in largest diameter that had been evaluated with high-resolution ultrasound (12-18 MHz) and ultrasound-guided biopsy with definitive pathologic diagnosis were analyzed. Three blinded board-certified readers evaluated high-resolution images of each nodule for jagged edges, lobulated borders, and curved borders along their margins. Reader interpretations were correlated with the pathologic diagnosis to determine the diagnostic performance of each feature. A board-certified pathologist analyzed 10 randomly selected nodules with jagged edges by slide review to evaluate for structural correlation with the imaging finding.The diagnostic performance of jagged edges in papillary carcinoma of the thyroid was 67.4% sensitive and 78.3% specific (odds ratio, 7.44; p < 0.001) for malignancy. Jagged edges correlated with infiltrative variant expansion at slide review. Lobulated borders had sensitivity of 76.1% and specificity of 60.9% for papillary carcinoma (odds ratio, 4.95; p = 0.001) for malignancy. Curved borders were not a significant predictor of papillary carcinoma.Jagged edges and lobulated borders of thyroid nodule margins are statistically significant predictors of papillary carcinoma of the thyroid. Jagged edges correlate with infiltrative-type expansion and may be useful predictors of more aggressive papillary carcinomas.

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