Natural history of lesions suspicious for basal cell carcinoma in older adults in Ikaria, Greece. The British journal of dermatology Wehner, M. R., Dalma, N., Landefeld, C., Pare-Anastasiadou, A., Koutelidas, I., Chren, M. M., Aji, N., Teng, C. E., Koenig, B. A., Tang, J., Covinsky, K., Linos, E. 2018


BCC is a disease of ageing, with the majority occurring in people 65 years or older.1,2 Incidence is rising especially among those over 80 years of age.3 Most of these skin cancers are not dangerous: typically, they grow slowly and rarely metastasize or affect quality of life.4 The time-lag to benefit of treatment of asymptomatic BCC has not been estimated. Currently, the standard of care is to biopsy and treat most BCCs;5 as a result, many older patients get frequent procedures. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

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