Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing in Glioma CURRENT ONCOLOGY REPORTS Johnson, E., Dickerson, K. L., Connolly, I. D., Gephart, M. 2018; 20 (5): 42


In this review, we seek to summarize the literature concerning the use of single-cell RNA-sequencing for CNS gliomas.Single-cell analysis has revealed complex tumor heterogeneity, subpopulations of proliferating stem-like cells and expanded our view of tumor microenvironment influence in the disease process. Although bulk RNA-sequencing has guided our initial understanding of glioma genetics, this method does not accurately define the heterogeneous subpopulations found within these tumors. Single-cell techniques have appealing applications in cancer research, as diverse cell types and the tumor microenvironment have important implications in therapy. High cost and difficult protocols prevent widespread use of single-cell RNA-sequencing; however, continued innovation will improve accessibility and expand our of knowledge gliomas.

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