Successful management of persistent lower extremity lymphedema with suction-assisted lipectomy GYNECOLOGIC ONCOLOGY REPORTS Micha, J. P., Nguyen, D. H., Goldstein, B. H. 2018; 23: 13–15


Lower-extremity lymphedema is a significant complication attributed to gynecologic cancer surgery, potentially effectuating severe edema and discernible pain.We report on a patient who developed persistent, lower-extremity lymphedema following her treatment for cervix cancer. Despite repeated efforts to manage the lymphedema with conventional measures, the patient's condition had not markedly improved. Thereafter, she underwent a suction-assisted lipectomy that effectively resolved her symptoms.Since lymphedema often remains disabling and incurable following traditional therapy, suction-assisted lipectomy should be considered as an alternative when endeavoring to optimally manage this complication.

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