Moving forward with actionable therapeutic targets and opportunities in endometrial cancer: NCI clinical trials planning meeting report on identifying key genes and molecular pathways for targeted endometrial cancer trials ONCOTARGET MacKay, H. J., Levine, D. A., Bae-Jump, V. L., Bell, D. W., McAlpine, J. N., Santin, A., Fleming, G. F., Mutch, D. G., Nephew, K. P., Wentzensen, N., Goodfellow, P. J., Dorigo, O., Nijman, H. W., Broaddus, R., Kohn, E. C. 2017; 8 (48): 84579–94


The incidence and mortality rates from endometrial cancer are increasing. There have been no new drugs approved for the treatment of endometrial cancer in decades. The National Cancer Institute, Gynecologic Cancer Steering Committee identified the integration of molecular and/or histologic stratification into endometrial cancer management as a top strategic priority. Based on this, they convened a group of experts to review the molecular data in this disease. Here we report on the actionable opportunities and therapeutic directions identified for incorporation into future clinical trials.

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