Fueling Innovation In Medical Devices (And Beyond): Venture Capital In Health Care HEALTH AFFAIRS Ackerly, D., Valverde, A. M., Diener, L. W., Dossary, K. L., Schulman, K. A. 2009; 28 (1): W68–W75


Innovation in health care requires new ideas and the capital to develop and commercialize those ideas into products or services. The necessary capital is often "venture capital," but the link between public policy and the venture capital industry has not been well examined. In this paper we explore the link between venture capital and innovation in health care, and we present new descriptive data from a survey of health care venture capital fund managers. Respondents generally viewed policy levers (for example, reimbursement and regulations) as important risks to venture capital investments, potentially affecting their ability to raise capital for early-stage investment funds.

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