Endoscopic endonasal repair of spontaneous CSF fistulae. Journal of neurosurgery Tormenti, M. J., Paluzzi, A., Pinheiro-Nieto, C., Fernandez-Miranda, J. C., Snyderman, C. H., Gardner, P. A. 2012; 32 Suppl: E6


The authors present a fully endoscopic endonasal repair of a spontaneous CSF leak caused by a defect in the anterior fossa floor. Patients were positioned supine in a Mayfield headholder in slight extension. A complete ethmoidectomy was performed to expose the defect. The middle turbinate was removed to increase visualization and allow for more working room. The defect was identified and exposed. A nasoseptal flap was raised and placed over the defect. A free-mucosal graft fashioned from the removed middle turbinate was placed on the nasoseptal donor site. The video can be found here: http://youtu.be/gAN2cvQVXCE.

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