The transclival endoscopic endonasal approach (EEA) for prepontine neuroenteric cysts: report of two cases ACTA NEUROCHIRURGICA Prevedello, D. M., Fernandez-Miranda, J., Gardner, P., Madhok, R., Sigounas, D., Snyderman, C. H., Carrau, R. L., Kassam, A. B. 2010; 152 (7): 1223–29


The transclival endoscopic endonasal approach was used to completely remove a prepontine neuroenteric cyst in two different patients.Full clinical improvement without postoperative complication was achieved in both cases. The postoperative hospital stay was limited to 2 and 3 days.In comparison to posterolateral skull base approaches, the transclival endoscopic endonasal approach allows direct access to the prepontine cistern without unnecessary manipulation of neurovascular structures at the cerebellopontine angle. In contrast to transoral surgery, patients may have decreased risk of infection and can be fed orally immediately without the risks of palatal and oropharyngeal dehiscence.Neuronavigation technology, strict adherence to microsurgical principles, and significant endoneurosurgical experience are strongly recommended when approaching these challenging lesions.

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